BBR Parcel

Parcel you with a secret code which is trust.

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Why parcel Delivery?

  • Delivered Safely and with Care – BBR makes sure to deliver your parcel with safety and care.
  • Competitive Pricing – We have the most affordable price compare to our services.
  • Delivery with Peace of Mind – Get fast support whenever you need it.

With BBR Parcel, enjoy fast delivery, keep track all day, all night.

Get the app

Install the BBR app from Apple's App Store or Google Play

Select parcel delivery

Key in pick-up and drop-off locations

Fill in the recipient information and confirm your booking

Key in your pick-up and the drop-ff locations to get your fare

Get a driver

Type your Details; Key in the recipient name, mobile number, and additional drop-off details such as floor/unit no(if applicable). Tap "Book" to place your booking.

Confirming Your Order

After confirming your booking, the nearest agent/driver will receive your order and head to the pick-up point right away for deliveries.

You can track your parcel in real-time in the App. Your recipient will also receive a notification with a tracking URL to check the delivery progress.